Winter Car Servicing

Posted on 20th November 2018

Get your car serviced safe for the road this winter at HPL

With the winter weather slowly but surely starting to settle in, there’s never been a better time for drivers on the road to have a properly serviced car.

In and around Greater Manchester, the sight of congested traffic is becoming a frustratingly familiar sight, but did you know this leads to a higher risk of an accident on the road?

As we’ve not quite embraced the worst of winter weather yet, being prepared for another ‘Beast of the East’ by having a thoroughly inspected and valeted car will make that cold morning commute to work all the more safer.

Before you take your car out on the road this winter, book a slot to suit your needs with the HPL servicing team. This week is the trend of Road Safety Week, and to increase awareness of such an important week, this article points out essential items to keep stocked in your car on the road

With that in mind, our fully qualified mechanics complete a 128 point check to ensure that all of the used cars in our showroom look, feel, and most importantly drive like a new car. 

Here at our service centre, our experienced team work with a 9 ramp garage and all the latest technology to welcome any car, no matter what make or model it is. 

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Our 5 star reviews help to give you peace of mind when you bring your car in for an MOT check. 

Whether it’s a tyre check, brake inspection, fuel or oil filter, we’re here to help no matter what the issue involves.

Whilst it might be starting to get cold out, take the opportunity to visit our heated indoor showroom and grab a hot drink whilst our mechanics inspect your car. Drive safer and happier with HPL this winter.

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