Best Family Cars

Posted on 16th September 2020

HPL Motors boasts a huge range of SUV and MPVs, perfect for new or growing families. These larger cars do not mean a larger price point, as we have incredible flexible finance deals available to everyone. Our sales team have picked out their top 5 family cars for our customers to choose from, read all about their selection here.

HPL Motors Preston is Now Open

Posted on 9th July 2020

HPL Motors Preston has finally opened its doors to the Lancashire public, selling quality used cars in the North West at incredible prices.

5 Things You Should Not Do in Your Car

Posted on 10th January 2020

Did you know, a smoker's car has similar levels of tobacco toxins inside as that of a pub before the introduction of the smoking ban (so, rather a lot).

New & Used Car Production is Decreasing BUT...

Posted on 17th December 2019

New car production and used car sales within the U.K. are decreasing. However, HPL’s sales have increased by 21% the past year. HPL are exploring why...

Why customers are changing their cars more than ever

Posted on 26th November 2019

Here at HPL Motors, we have a 20% increase in returning customers in the past two years. This would support the trend that customers are changing their car more than ever before, and we have seen this first-hand. However, the real question is, why?

Winter Checks

Posted on 18th November 2019

Winter is coming and here at HPL Motors we make sure all of our cars are serviced correctly, especially as the evenings are getting dark earlier and the weather is getting colder. To decrease the risk of having an accident, there are ‘winter checks’ you can do before heading out into the colder months.

What Car Fuel Type Suits You?

Posted on 10th September 2019

Take this quiz to see if you are more suited to a petrol, diesel, electric or hybrid car!

HPL's Perfect Campervan

Posted on 30th July 2019

Check out our new-in, low mileage converted camper van, perfect for long journeys and holidays!

Two-Time Motor Trader Award Winners

Posted on 11th July 2019

HPL Motors are now two-time Motor Trader Awards winners, winning the Customer Care Award this July! Read why we won here...

Diesel Car Ban

Posted on 17th January 2019

In 2040, the government will ban the manufacturing of diesel and petrol cars in a bid to tackle air pollution. HPL Motors are now increasing their stock of hybrid/electric cars, so you can get ahead of the game and fall in love with your eco-friendly vehicle.

Driving Laws 2019

Posted on 15th January 2019

This year, a few new laws are coming into force for drivers across the U.K. We have listed them for you, and also suggested some to look out for!

Driving Home for Christmas

Posted on 5th December 2018

Nothing quite beats the feeling of driving home for Christmas.

Winter Car Servicing

Posted on 20th November 2018

With the winter weather slowly but surely starting to settle in, there’s never been a better time for drivers on the road to have a properly serviced car.

More Than Just Daylight Savings At HPL Motors

Posted on 15th November 2018

There's daylight savings, then there's huge savings on hundreds of cars. We offer free tea and coffee to everyone in our showroom, so avoid the cold nights and keep warm while looking over our huge range!

Black Friday Sales

Posted on 12th November 2018

Black Friday Has Arrived Early at HPL Motors

World Quality Day at HPL Motors

Posted on 8th November 2018

It's World Quality Day, and we'd like to share why we're so trusted in the used car industry. From our 128 point check to the quality of our cars, every day is quality day at HPL Motors!

It's A Busy Winter At HPL!

Posted on 5th November 2018

Now the clocks have gone back, here at HPL we are embracing a busy winter schedule with Black Friday in just a couple of weeks, shortly followed by Cyber Monday. To reward our loyal customers this winter, our fantastic Black Friday deals include £1000 off over 100 cars as Christmas approaches.

Buying A Used Car Doesn’t Have To Be Scary!

Posted on 31st October 2018

Make your used car buying experience a treat, not a trick!

5 Games to Play in the Car

Posted on 17th October 2018

You’re only 10 minutes into the road trip and you’ve heard it already. The dreaded question. “Are we there yet?!”. Sitting still for long periods of time and getting stuck in endless traffic only increases this agitation. Luckily, long car journeys don’t have to be boring. To help you pass the time and use your mind to keep you alert on the road, here are 5 games to play in the car:

HPL Motors Directions

Posted on 20th August 2018

HPL Motors is based in Oldham and Atherton, with over 400 cars across both sites. We are easily accessed in the North West, from Preston, Blackburn, Stockport, Manchester and Bolton (to name a few places).

History of Car Registration

Posted on 17th August 2018

With the new '68 plate coming out in a few weeks, HPL Motors have looked into the history of our car registration plates in the UK.

Fixed Rate Finance

Posted on 15th August 2018

When financing your car with HPL Motors, you don’t have to worry about interest rates changing.

Automatic v Manual Cars

Posted on 14th August 2018

At HPL Motors, we have a range of both automatic and manual cars. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages, and each person has their own personal preference.

Top UK Road Trips

Posted on 13th August 2018

Make the most of your car, take it out for a spin on some of the beautiful roads in the United Kingdom. HPL Motors have curated our top-5 road trips and journeys (in no particular order).

Best First Cars

Posted on 1st August 2018

Here are our top 4 picks for first cars by resident young driver, Daisy Herman.

Motor Trader Award Winners

Posted on 31st July 2018

HPL Motors are award winners! With 2 Motor Trader Awards up our sleeves, you are guaranteed award-winning care...

Part Exchange Your Car

Posted on 25th July 2018

Part-exchange your car with HPL Motors today; we accept all cars and give a fair valuation on your vehicle.

New MOT Laws 2018

Posted on 21st May 2018

MOT testing laws have become stricter in England, Scotland and Wales. How does this affect you?

Difference between PCP and HP

Posted on 7th March 2018

What is the difference between PCP and HP? And which car finance deal is better suited to you?

Winter Driving Essentials

Posted on 28th February 2018

Essential items for driving in the snow this Winter...

Top Tips When Buying A New Used Car

Posted on 28th February 2018

Thinking of buying a used car? Well, here are some top tips when looking to purchase...

Diesel Cars Are Still In Demand

Posted on 9th February 2018

We weigh up on the diesel car debate, and comment on the sales of used diesel cars at HPL Motors.

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